What gifts are suitable for promotional activities?like PopSocket

Promotional activities commonly prepare what kind of gifts?

It is quite common for businesses to organize promotional activities, and in order to attract customer interest and active participation, merchants often prepare some cost-effective small gifts. In general, the choice of promotional gifts depends on the budget of the organizer and the price of the main products. Adjusting the value of promotional gifts is usually done in consultation with a gift company. So, what gifts are suitable for promotional activities?

1. Branded Metal Stylus Ballpoint Pen:

When many companies prepare small gifts for promotional activities, they often refer to and borrow ideas from gifts used in other company events. Branded Metal Stylus Ballpoint Pen are a very common type of small gift. Distributors often distribute attention-grabbing, multifunctional pens on the streets, usually imprinted with event information and contact details. Therefore, a multifunctional pen is a great small gift—it’s compact, easy to carry, easy to mass-produce, and has low costs. Customers who receive such gifts also appreciate them for their practicality.

Metal Pens 1

2. Custom PopSocket and Metal Ring Phone Holder:

PopSocket stands and Metal Ring Phone Holder are similar to multifunctional pens—they are practical small gifts. In comparison, Metal Ring Phone Holder have a higher cost price and are suitable for larger events where the budget allows. On the other hand, Pop Socket are versatile, inexpensive, and indispensable for smartphone users. Compared to Metal Stylus Ballpoint Pen, PopSocket and Metal Ring Phone Holder are relatively novel and less “common.”

pop sockets

Commonly Popular POD Products

1. Drinkware:

  • Customized water bottles have become a popular trend, such as company-branded bottles for employee perks or promotional gifts.

2. Drawstring Bags:

  • Often used as event giveaways, drawstring bags with specific logos or slogans are common at sports events or corporate activities.

3. Sports T-Shirts:

  • Sports teams and clubs frequently customize T-shirts with team logos or slogans for team identity and fan merchandise.

4. Hoodies:

  • Personalized hoodies, especially popular among the younger demographic, can feature pop culture references or artistic designs.

5. Beach Towels:

  • Customized beach towels with unique patterns or personalized information are commonly used for beach vacations or summer gifts.

6. Phone Cases:

  • Personalized phone cases with user-selected images or designs provide additional customization and protection.

7. Notebooks:

  • Notebooks with unique cover designs, encouraging quotes, or personalized patterns are popular among students and professionals.

8. Pillow Covers:

  • Decorative pillow covers with artistic prints or personalized information are used for home decor.

9. Stickers/Wall Decals:

  • Personalized wall decals or stickers are used for individualizing space, such as offices or children’s rooms.

10. Tote Bags: – Customized tote bags with artwork or personalized information serve as fashion statements or unique gifts.

Apparel Category

1. T-Shirts:

  • Customized T-shirts with personalized slogans, artwork, or company logos are widely popular.

2. Crewneck Sweatshirts:

  • Crewneck sweatshirts are commonly used as team uniforms or promotional event apparel with team logos or promotional messages.

3. Long-Sleeve Shirts:

  • Long-sleeve shirts are often used for seasonal promotions or as winter workwear with company logos or seasonal designs.

4. Leggings:

  • Personalized leggings, especially popular among female consumers, can feature unique patterns or colors.

5. Flip-Flops:

  • Customized flip-flops are popular, especially in summer or beach vacation areas, with names or scenic designs.

6. Socks:

  • Personalized socks with fun patterns or special messages are popular as gifts or fashion items.

7. Tank Tops:

  • Tank tops are commonly used for sports events or as summer promotional items, featuring sports team logos or summer-themed designs.

8. Sun Hats:

  • Customized sun hats are used for outdoor activities or as tourist souvenirs, often with destination names or unique patterns.

9. Baseball Caps:

  • Customized baseball caps are popular promotional items for sports teams and brands, featuring team or company logos.

10. Beanies: – Beanies are especially popular in winter, often with winter-themed designs or brand logos.


  • Custom swimsuits, formal wear, activewear, etc., can be personalized based on specific events or brand requirements. For example, a water sports brand might launch a series of swimsuits featuring its logo.

Baby and Kids POD Products

1. Baby Onesies:

  • Suitable for printing cute animal designs or the baby’s name for personalized touch. For example, a newborn gift set with onesies featuring the baby’s name and birthdate.

2. Kids and Baby T-Shirts:

  • T-shirts can feature cartoon characters, nursery rhyme lyrics, or personalized information. For instance, designing a series of T-shirts with birthday themes and guest names for a children’s birthday party.

3. Baby Beanies:

  • Adding a child’s nickname or vibrant patterns makes personalized baby beanies suitable as newborn gifts or winter accessories.

4. Baby Bibs:

  • Bibs can feature fun phrases or patterns, serving as practical and playful items during feeding.

5. Hooded Baby Towels:

  • Often designed with cartoon animal themes, these towels are suitable for use after a baby’s bath or as a gift.

6. Car Seat Covers:

  • Adding personalized elements like cartoon patterns or the child’s name can make car seat covers more engaging for kids.

7. Swaddle Blankets:

  • Used for newborns, swaddle blankets can feature the baby’s name, birthdate, or other personalized information, serving as keepsakes.

8. Kids Hoodies:

  • Popular among young children, personalized hoodies can feature cartoon characters or elements kids love, like superheroes or animals.


  • Customized kids’ backpacks, school supplies, toys, etc., can be designed based on a child’s interests and preferences. For instance, designing a backpack with a child’s favorite animal pattern for a kindergarten student.

Accessories POD Products

1. Face Masks:

  • Personalized masks with cultural symbols or individual slogans. For example, designing limited edition masks for a music festival featuring artist or band patterns.

2. Scarves:

  • Custom scarves with unique artwork or colorful patterns. For example, designing scarves with traditional ethnic patterns as souvenirs for cultural festivals.

3. Neck Gaiters:

  • Used for outdoor activities, neck gaiters can feature various patterns or logos. For instance, customizing neck gaiters for a mountain climbing club with the club logo and mountain patterns.

4. Tote Bags:

  • Personalized design suitable for daily shopping or event promotion. For example, an environmental organization launching tote bags with ecological information as promotional materials.

5. Backpacks:

  • Customizable prints suitable for students and travelers. For example, school-branded backpacks as daily use for students.

6. Luggage Tags:

  • Personalized designs for easy luggage identification. For example, a travel agency offering luggage tags with destination patterns.

7. Makeup Bags:

  • Uniquely designed and easy to carry for daily makeup items. For example, a beauty brand introducing limited edition makeup bags with brand logos.

8. Mirrors:

  • Small decorative mirrors with artistic designs. For example, a designer creating limited edition decorative mirrors with original artwork.

9. Ties:

  • Suitable for business or formal occasions, featuring unique designs. For example, a company customizing ties with the company logo for a unified image.

10. Luggage Tags: – Personalized designs for easy luggage identification. For example, a travel agency offering luggage tags with destination patterns.

11. Yoga Mats: – Featuring inspiring slogans or tranquil patterns. For example, a yoga studio customizing yoga mats with the studio logo and motivational quotes.

12. Pendants: – Small jewelry items that can be printed with personalized patterns or symbols. For example, couples customizing pendants with engraved messages to commemorate special occasions.

13. Buttons: – Can feature unique patterns or logos for personalized clothing decoration. For example, a fashion brand customizing unique design buttons for its clothing line.

14. Other Accessories: – Including personalized aprons, cushions, pillowcases, wristbands, etc. For example, a home decor brand offering customizable pillows and pillowcases with unique patterns.

Digital Accessories POD Products

1. Laptop Bags:

  • Customizable designs suitable for business and student use. For example, a tech company customizing laptop bags for employees with the company logo as part of their uniform.

2. iPad Cases:

  • Personalized designs that protect devices and add aesthetic appeal. For example, an illustrator creating a series of iPad cases with original artwork for sale at an art exhibition.

3. Mouse Pads:

  • Can feature personalized graphics or motivational statements, enhancing office environment personalization. For example, a startup customizing mouse pads with the company’s core values to boost the office atmosphere.

4. Laptop Sleeves:

  • Protecting laptops while showcasing personalized designs. For example, a university creating exclusive laptop sleeves for alumni with the university crest and graduation year.

6. Other Accessories:

  • Including customized printed phone chargers, laptop chargers, etc. For example, an electronics retailer launching a series of customizable printed tech accessories, such as phone chargers with designs inspired by popular games.

Graphic Design POD Products

1. Framed Prints:

  • Personalized home or office decor. For example, a design company offering customized framed prints matching a client’s brand theme.

2. Art Canvas Prints:

  • Displaying unique artwork. For example, a local artist creating a series of art canvas prints for a gallery.

3. Metal Prints:

  • Modern decorative choices. For example, a coffee shop using metal prints to decorate its interior with a unique atmosphere.

4. Photo Prints:

  • Showcasing professional photography. For example, a professional photographer producing a series of photo prints for an exhibition.

5. Posters:

  • Widely used for promotion and decoration. For example, a university designing and printing a series of posters for an upcoming cultural festival.

6. Other Graphic Design Products:

  • Including customized wallpapers, canvases, etc.

Stationery POD Products

1. Notebooks:

  • Personalized office and study supplies. For example, a company customizing notebooks with the company logo for employees.

2. Greeting Cards:

  • Personalized holiday and special occasion greetings. For example, a craft store providing customized greeting card services where customers can add personal messages.

3. Invitations:

  • Personalized invitation cards for weddings, parties, etc. For example, a couple designing a series of unique wedding invitations.

4. Calendars:

  • Personalized yearly planning tools. For example, a company designing calendars with the brand logo for a promotional event.

5. Other Stationery Products:

  • Such as customized notepads, letterheads, etc.

Personalized POD Gifts

1. Coasters:

  • Personalized desktop accessories. For example, a coffee shop offering custom-designed coasters for brand promotion.

2. Clocks:

  • Clocks with personalized designs. For example, a watch store allowing customers to design their clock faces.

3. Photo Accessories:

  • Customized family or personal photo accessories. For example, a gift shop offering services to turn customers’ family photos into accessories.

4. Other Personalized Gifts:

  • Such as customized photo books, decorations, etc.

Pet Supplies POD Products

1. Pet Beds:

  • Customized comfortable spaces for pets. For example, a pet store designing unique sleeping beds for customers’ pets.

2. Pet Towels:

  • Customized towels with pet names or photos. For example, a pet grooming salon offering personalized pet towels.

3. Pet Mats:

  • Personalized play and rest mats for pets. For example, a pet blogger promoting their custom-designed pet mats.

4. Other Pet Products:

  • Such as customized food bowls, collars, etc.

Office Supplies POD Products

1. Folders:

  • Custom folders with company logos. For example, a law firm customizing folders with the firm’s logo for a professional image.

2. Ledger Books:

  • Customized books for detailed financial records. For example, a small business creating custom ledger books for everyday financial use.

3. Labels:

  • Personalized labels for office document management. For example, a library using custom labels to categorize and manage books.

4. Other Office Supplies:

  • Including customized pens, desktop organizers, etc.

There are many small gifts suitable for promotional activities, and the ones recommended by China-Promo Phcase Printing are just the tip of the iceberg—quite common gifts. If you feel they lack novelty, you can always commission a gift company to customize more distinctive, meaningful, and innovative gifts. This approach better showcases the unique style of the enterprise.

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