Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your product. That’s why we offer the lowest prices for high-quality items, so that you get the best deals. Our moneyback guarantee displays our confidence that you’ll love our products, or your money back!

1. How can I request a quotation?

Acquiring a quote is a simple process. Navigate to the desired product, click on “Enquiry & Quote Now,” and we will promptly prepare a custom quote for you, free of charge.

2. Can I obtain a product not listed on the website?

While we offer a diverse product range, we cannot display them all on our website. If you’ve come across a product elsewhere that you’d like to source from us, kindly contact us with the product image and the required quantity. We will promptly provide a comprehensive quote.

3. Is it possible to create a new, customized product?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a product concept or idea in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with the pertinent product details, such as an image or a drawing, desired quantity, and specific specifications. We will provide you with an official price quotation.

4. How do I place an order?

Ordering from our website is a straightforward process. Select the product you wish to order, add it to your cart, and upload your logo or send it via email after placing your order. Proceed to the checkout, enter your delivery address, choose your preferred payment method, and confirm your order. It’s as simple as that!

5. What if I require a quick turnaround for my order?

We understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines. If your event date is within two weeks, please make sure to specify it when placing your order. We will expedite your order at no extra cost. If, by any chance, we cannot meet your deadline, we will promptly inform you within 24 hours and process your refund immediately.

6. Can I trust your company?

Rest assured, we have a proven track record of working with major brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Ribena, and many others. Feel free to visit our testimonial page for customer feedback. We stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction. In cases where a customer is dissatisfied with their order, we are dedicated to rectifying the issue, either by reissuing or refunding the order. Furthermore, we collaborate with PayPal for processing all orders, offering you an additional layer of security. In the event of any delivery issues, you can file a chargeback through PayPal. Your trust is of paramount importance to us.

7. What payment options are available for placing an order?

We offer multiple secure payment options:

A) PayPal (Includes Credit Card) – Utilize your existing PayPal account or credit card for a secure transaction. Your card details are kept secure by PayPal, and you have the option to file a chargeback in case of delivery issues.

B) Wire Bank Transfer – For larger orders (above USD5,000), you can initiate a wire bank transfer from your bank to our world-standard HSBC Corporate Account. Transaction details are provided in your order confirmation.

If you prefer to use PayPal, please note that you will be responsible for the transaction fee, typically 3-4% of the total order value.

C) Western Union – You can visit a Western Union depot in your country to transfer funds to us. Once your order is placed, our Western Union details will be included in the order confirmation.

8. What is the process after I place my order?

Upon order placement, we will send you an email order confirmation. Please reply promptly with your artwork. Subsequently, our art department will prepare a digital proof and send it to you via email. Approval of these proofs is essential before we commence production. If additional information is required, we will promptly reach out. Our commitment is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Thus, we will keep you informed throughout the production process and provide a shipping information sheet with tracking numbers upon dispatch.

9. When can I expect the delivery of my order?

Most Express orders are delivered within 1-3 weeks, while economy shipping takes 5-7 weeks or longer depending on the distance to your seaport. For urgent orders, we make every effort to ensure timely delivery for your specified event date, and we will keep you updated during production. If you have any questions, please reach out to us using the email address provided in the order confirmation. We aim to respond to all email correspondence within 10 minutes.

10. What if I’m dissatisfied with my order upon receipt? Is there a guarantee?

We take all necessary measures to prevent and rectify errors. Before production begins, you must approve the digital color art-proof and pre-production proof. We guarantee that your order will be shipped exactly as approved in these proofs, arriving on time and error-free. While errors are rare, we address them promptly. Upon receiving your complaint, we examine your proofs and proceed to replace either the defective items or the entire order, or arrange a refund for the affected items. In almost all cases, 99.9% of customers who raise concerns are satisfied with one of these two resolutions.

11. What types of artwork formats do you accept?

We accept a wide range of artwork formats, including jpeg, png, pdf, ai, eps, psd, tif, tiff, word files, and more. Our professional art department will view and convert your logo to your preferred format at no additional cost.

12. Can I receive a pre-production sample before my order goes into production?

Yes, you can. Once production commences, we will create the first imprint on the initial item, photograph the print, and email it to you for your review and approval, or to request any necessary corrections. Mass production will only proceed after you have approved the pre-production proof.

13. Can I use my own FedEx, DHL, UPS, or TNT account for shipping?

Absolutely, you can. When selecting the delivery method as “China & HK,” enter your shipping account number on the checkout page or in the order instructions box. You can also indicate your preference to ship using your account in the order confirmation. Please ensure that your delivery address matches the address associated with the shipping account. DHL, FedEx, or UPS will only ship to the address registered with the account. In most cases, you may need to arrange for the shipping company to collect the shipment from our office. We will provide our full address and pick-up details once the order is ready.

14. Are there any hidden charges apart from the quoted price?

No, what you see on the price quotation we provide is the total amount you will pay. This includes the product cost along with shipping to your country or free delivery to your China & HK agent, excluding any export fees.

15. Do I need to pay sales tax?

You might be required to pay local taxes upon the shipment’s arrival in your country. This is less likely to occur with Express delivery, as the products are typically classified as gifts. For economy shipping, you will need to pay taxes and clearance fees at your seaport upon collection. You can contact your local tax office or refer to www.dutycalculator.com for more information.

16. Can I order quantities below the minimum quantity listed on the website?

We aim to offer you the lowest feasible quantity. If you require less than the minimum quantity, please use the “Add to Enquiry” feature for the product and make your request. While we will do our best to accommodate your request, we cannot guarantee it.

17. Do you accept mixed orders with different products?

Yes, we do. You can mix different types of products in a single order. Simply use “Add To Cart” for each product and proceed to checkout as usual. Our art department will send you a digital proof of each item for your approval, usually within an hour.

18. Can I order items without printing or logos?

Certainly. When the item is in your cart, select the logo upload option as “I will email my logo after placing the order.” On the checkout page, specify “I want the item blank, No Logo” in the instruction box. We will acknowledge this request via email. Once confirmed, we will produce your item(s) without logos.

19. Is there a discount for larger quantities?

Yes, indeed. The higher the quantity ordered, the lower the price per piece, as indicated in the price table. If you’re considering even greater quantities and wish to discuss further discounts, click “Add To Enquiry,” inform us of the price offer and quantity. We will review your request and respond accordingly.

20. Can I expedite my order for a specific event date?

We can meet most event dates if they are two weeks or less away. Be sure to specify the event date when placing your order, and we will expedite your order at no additional cost. If we cannot meet your deadline, we will notify you within 24 hours and process your refund immediately.

21. How do I submit my artwork?

After placing your order, please respond to the confirmation email with your art file attached.

22. What art formats are accepted?

We accept a wide range of formats, including jpeg, png, pdf, ai, eps, psd, tif, tiff, word files, and more. Our professional art department can handle and convert your logo to your preferred format at no additional cost.

23. What are the art size and resolution requirements?

Our professional art department can work with any resolution and size, resizing as needed to fit the product.

24. Is there an artwork set-up charge?

We do not charge set-up fees, regardless of the order size or the number of products. Set-up fees only apply if you wish to order imprinted samples with your logo before placing your order.

25. Are there charges for artwork preparation or changes?

No, artwork preparation is free. You’ll receive a complimentary digital proof via email for your approval.

26. What is your returns policy?

As all products are personalized, we are unable to accept returns. If you believe there’s an issue with your order, please provide proof, such as a photo, of your complaint. We will review it and ideally either re-make the affected items or refund you.

27. How can I reach someone if I have a problem with my order?

Once your online order is placed, an account manager will oversee the process, including handling any complaints. If you are unsatisfied with the response you receive, please email info@China-Promo.com with your order number and the details of your complaint. We will review and address it.

28. What if the print quality is unacceptable upon order arrival?

You are protected by our guarantees, so don’t worry. If print quality is poor, contact your account manager for resolution or refund.

29. What if products are damaged upon order arrival?

You are protected by our guarantees. If your order arrives in a damaged state, it’s likely due to damage during transit. In such cases, remove the damaged units, and we will arrange a refund or replacement at no extra cost.

30. What if I receive more or less than I ordered?

We aim to ship the exact quantity you ordered. However, variations may occur. We will arrange a refund for the shortage or send additional units at no extra cost.

31. Can I ship my order internationally?

Yes, we ship to any country worldwide. Simply change the delivery country when placing your order.

32. Can I have my order shipped to multiple addresses?

Yes, you can split your order to different addresses. Place the order online with the regular delivery address, then reply to your order confirmation with additional address details, including quantities. Your account manager will confirm this upon receipt. Note that there may be additional costs.

33. What if UPS or FedEx loses my shipment?

We’ve used DHL and FedEx for over a decade with no lost shipments. If a loss does occur, we will make every effort to locate your shipment. If it’s indeed lost, DHL or FedEx will provide compensation, which can be used to remake your order or refund you.

34. Do I have to pay sales tax?

You may be required to pay local taxes upon shipment to your country. This is less likely with Express delivery as products are often classified as gifts. For economy shipping, you may need to pay taxes and clearance fees at your seaport upon collection. Contact your local tax office or consult www.dutycalculator.com for details.

35. What should I do if the online order or inquiry system or the “contact us” feature is not working?

Please email to info@China-Promo.com, and we will respond promptly.