Amazon sells up to 60$ a piece! Cross-border sellers make the most money with these 12 custom handbag designs!

The term “handbag” or “Tote Bag” receives 228,778 searches per month on Amazon. This means that there are over 200,000 users actively searching for handbags, indicating a significant market for your designs. Considering the limited number of existing product listings, you can make a substantial profit in this category.

Handbags present a lucrative opportunity on Amazon, but what kind of products sell well in this category? What sets the best-selling products apart from the rest?

Let’s take a look at the best-selling products on Amazon and examine their characteristics.

01. Text Design Handbags

Take a look at the top-selling products in the handbag category, and you’ll notice several design-related features. Firstly, most bags have a white or black background, creating contrast with other colors and making the design stand out. Secondly, many handbags feature text elements in their designs, with some designs consisting solely of text, while others combine text with images. The specific design choice depends on your selected handbag niche market.

Tote bag 7

02. Cute Handbag Designs

Explore charming designs, including stylish illustrations, adorable characters, and inspiring murals. Add a touch of fashion to your handbags by introducing fun elements that allow everyday users to recognize their favorite styles at a glance.

Tote bag 11

03. Handbags with Slogan Designs

Share powerful words, eye-catching slogans, or amusing quotes on your handbags, creating influential and unique declarations. Stay tuned to popular culture, keeping up with current trends and becoming part of the conversation.

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04. Food-Themed Handbag Designs

Food-related themes are some of the most popular designs for eco-friendly shopping bags. Especially popular are jars filled with pickled foods, vegetables, fruits, and bread, which are beloved by store owners. Food-themed designs make handbags look more friendly and warm, reminiscent of the various delicacies found at grandma’s house. Designing handbags with a sense of abundance, vintage food patterns, and healthy and delicious products is definitely a good idea.

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05. Floral Design Handbags

Floral patterns are highly popular and appeal to different age groups. Many customers appreciate floral patterns, a cozy family atmosphere, and a touch of nostalgia, making this choice absolutely correct.

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06. Abstract Pattern Handbags

When creating a series of handbag designs, consider developing a series of abstract designs on the S2BIY custom platform, as these designs are beloved by people of all ages. If done well, abstract designs can be easily created using basic elements such as circles, triangles, and lines.

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07. Minimalist Design Handbags

Simplicity often equals the highest level of elegance. However, the challenge lies in how to showcase fashion through minimalist design choices. Design minimalist-style handbags for fashion-forward women, each with a super-personalized custom design.

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08. Animal Print Handbags

Classic animal prints add character and personality to your handbag designs. Unsure where to start? You can choose from popular patterns on Amazon, such as leopard, zebra, tiger, or snake prints. Of course, you can also try some more unique patterns, such as giraffes, cheetahs, or cows, and there’s bound to be one that captivates you!

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09. Environmental Awareness Handbags

Initially, tote bags were born as an environmentally friendly option to replace plastic bags. Typically, environmentally conscious shoppers have a bunch of tote bags on hand, ready to grab and go at any time. If you also support environmental ideals and want to attract this wave of customers, add some “action” to your designs! Customizing some interesting and meaningful designs will definitely impress environmentalists and make them rush to buy!

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10. Constellation Symbol Handbags

Today’s constellation culture has captivated consumers, sparking a craze not only on social media but also forming a huge industry! It seems that constellation symbols have truly touched the hearts of constellation enthusiasts, reflecting their love for personalized products, almost like a portrayal of their personality!

11. Bookworms

For those bookworms who love books, a handbag themed around reading is simply a godsend! Carrying a bag full of books on the street, the design on the handbag perfectly showcases the joy of reading, making it feel absolutely fantastic!

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12. Traveler Handbags

For those who often embark on new journeys and want to carry memories with them, a handbag design themed around travel is simply amazing! For example, a vintage-style world map handbag is sure to be a hit with them.


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