Fold-Up Flying Disc Frisbee 5000pcs


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Wholesale Manufacturer Cheap Custom Blank Nylon Polyester Fabric Outdoor Game Toy Disc Colorful Printing Foldable Flying Dog Pet Frisbee for Promotion

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BrandPhcase Custom Logo Fold-Up Flying Disc Frisbee
StyleFashion Frisbee


  • This fold-up flying disc is made of soft nylon and wire which allows for easy folding. Unfolded disks are 254mm in diameter and 76mm when folded. The fold-up flying disc comes in a pouch of the same colour. Disc packaged seperately to pouch.
  • Note: Due to the nature of the product, the round shape may change from use or during shipping.Color/s : Red, Blue, Green, Black, White w/ Black Trim or White w/ Blue Trim
    Size : 254mm dia. / 76mm folded

    Above price range based on minimum order quantity of 5000pcs.

Our custom Promotional Frisbee are great products to promote your school, club, company or organization.  Our product are a cool way to take your personalization to the next level!


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